Poultry Farm

Plan B – A Poultry and Egg Farm

We retain possession and control of a smaller plot of land nearer to Dumas. As we re-tool from the plantain idea, discussions have taken place to consider the best use of this second smaller plot of land. Possibilities discussed have been a fish farm, small manufacturing operation (baskets, wood working, etc.) or possibly a poultry farm.

To date a poultry farm on one side of the land with continued develop of educational and community outreach facilities on the other half are in favor. An agricultural school and community outreach programs has gained are important for sustainability.

Other solutions considered were a fish farm or possibly a small manufacturing operation.

A decision has been made to more fully explore the poultry farm option. A poultry farm is seen as having a number of advantages over other options considered:

The distance from our small farm to Dumas is about 2 miles or about a 15 minute walk.
  • The investment in time and money needed to start a poultry operation is smaller than most other options that were considered;
  • Even a small startup operation could be several hundred hens and should fit the land we have available;
  • Chickens can product eggs which will be available year round for sale generating cash flow income in short order all se;
  • Chickens can also be raised and sold for high protein meat;
  • Risk is less than a crop based project that is subjected to a longer term startup investment and subject to weather;
  • A poultry farm can easily scale up as expertise and resources grow.
  • Poultry is not so water intensive; Water has become a problem for crops as droughts have persisted;
  • Chickens are an easier asset to protect from free range animals than large open field crops;
  • Startup investment is much lower and equipment costs are lower;
  • The land and facilities we develop MUST be fully occupied from the beginning to prevent squatters and protect assetsnd community outreach;

The costs, options, and resources needed are currently being explored. The funds for fencing the plantain farm will be shifted to a security wall for the new plan.