By Haitians, for Haitians

Our objective is simple: seel solutions that address both physical and spiritual needs of the people that address real needs, can be owned, sustained, and expanded by Haitians, for Hatians.

Our first plan was to establish a working plantain farm in the community of Dumas on a 32 acre plot of land. The farm was viewed as a means to provide full and part-time jobs as well as a source of staple food and income for the local people we serve. Plantains are a staple in the Haitian diet.

On a smaller plot of land nearer to Dumas, our vision includes the establishment of a community center. The community center is planned as a multi-purpose facility that can support related programs such as after-school children’s programs, Bible study, modern agricultural skill development, medical brigades, recreational (soccer) activities, and social gatherings – all aimed at community development.

Our long term efforts are to provide training and skills development which we believe are keys to restoring dignity, family stability, and most importantly hope. All too often the people of Haiti feel forgotten. We want them to know that there is hope, and we believe that God has given us a plan based on real hope. As Christians, we want this place to bless the people of Haiti and honor Him by putting the teachings and principles of Jesus at its center. 

It is with great humility that we ask you to join us in Planting Hope in Haiti. Consider donating today to become a part of our dream!