Hope House

Beggining in 2018 Planting Hope was presented with a situation stemming from two unrelated events. We began to care for 8 young children who were left orphans by the untimely death of their single mothers. It’s hard to imagine where these children would end up give the total lack of any kind of safety net.

Initially we rented a house in the community of Dumas and hired several local ladies to care for the children 24×7. The house did not have electricity or indoor plumbing but water and an outhouse were nearby. Basics were purchased and monthly support was provided by friends of Planting Hope to cover the cost of the care givers, the children’s food, and school supplies.

In September 2019 the owner of the rented house chose to take the rental house off the market. The lease for the children’s house would not be renewed and the children would have to move out. Trying to find other options for housing was difficult.

A supporter of Planting Hope in the US was willing to help us build a house for the children. However, we did not have the property that we needed. Sonel had a meeting with the mayor of Dumas to explain the situation with the children’s housing. The mayor requested a letter which Sonel provided. After considering our needs, the mayor agreed to provide 1 acre of land near where the rental property is located. The lot is actually closer to the village of Dumas. So the children would stay in the same community and school system. Another sister in the US covered the costs of land title.

Construction on the Hope House started in January 2020. Construction continued with the house. In addition a fresh water well was drilled and hand pump installed. This provides a reliable source for clean water for Hope House and children.

Hope House nearing completion.

The children moved into their new house in early March 2020 where they live today. This is a house we own so we do not have to deal with leases or lost leases as the children are cared for. Over time we will improve the house cooking, electrical, and water systems to be more reliable and provide the security and safety we all want for the kidos!