Projects Planned and in the Works

It’s not hard to determine people’s needs. They run the gamut from urgent to long term, from physical to spiritual. There are always more needs than resources. We spend time planning to keep our efforts from becoming scattered. We measure the long-term projects we plan against our long-term goals: to create self-sustaining missions that meets the daily, spiritual, and physical needs of the people we serve. We define daily needs as food, clean water, employment, shelter, and medical. We define spiritual needs as faith, hope, fellowship, teaching, and trust in Jesus.

We are forced to deal with the realities of the times. Things happen that are not expected and don’t fit “our plans”. So often the first casualty of our planning is the plan! We count on God to supply both direction and resources needed to address the short term and keep us on track in the long term. We expected hard work and challenges while we look for guidance and wisdom from the one we serve. We trust prayer to sort it all out. We admit our planning represents our best effort to meet the mission’s goals. We never forget that “our” plans are subject to the Father’s plans, for us as well as for the Haitians serve. God has Infinitely more insight and wisdom. We strive to be very sensitive to directions from Him.

Our Projects link detail the plans we adopt to meet many of the long term goals we have. Knowing full well the plans are always subject to change, we invest time and effort to keep the long range goals in front of us. We know good planning is necessary to move our long term goals forward.